About Us

Mark Boekraad & Sean Heukels



We are two Dutch guys who are passionate about impeccable shirts and excellent customer service. We founded shirtlabels.com because we realized how increasingly difficult it is becoming to buy shirts online. Too many brands, too many different fits, too many kinds of weaves and fabrics; which overwhelm customers. And most importantly, the poor quality and impersonal customer service of online shirt stores.  

Our mission at shirtlabels.com is to provide you with the best personal customer service throughout your shopping experience, with a collection of the highest quality shirts from global premium brands.

Whether we know you or not, we love to help you get ahead. Need to determine your size? We gladly help you. We understand the value of being able to count on a store. Whether it is physical or online, we always help you personally. Personal service is what we stand for. You find your favorite shirts at shirtlabels.com. 

We believe in simplicity
We believe that buying shirts should become simple again. Shirtlabels offers a fine collection of dress shirts in the highest quality. Only the most luxurious fabrics and the best tailoring match our standards. 

We are interested in your opinion 
Personal service is number 1 for us. We believe that buying online should not be impersonal. Personal contact with our customers is of high value for us. We love to hear from you. 

We know that our collection of shirts and men's accessories is the best there is, and appeal to a lot of men from different walks of life. However, if you don't find the style you were looking for or you have a favorite brand that we don't currently sell, then please contact us by email using this contact form or call us on 020-233 16 95. We love to hear from you!

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